BOSTON, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Banjo Health is pleased to announce the signing of a multi-year partnership with AscellaHealth, a global healthcare and specialty pharmaceutical solutions company, to improve patient care by reducing Prior Authorization (PA) review times through the deployment of Banjo’s set of AI-powered PA solutions Health. With Banjo Health teaming up with an expert specialty pharmacy solutions provider that has members across all lines of business from Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare, the AI ​​company is poised for rapid growth and expansion to jointly resolve the dilemma of prior authorization.

“This partnership with Banjo Health allows AscellaHealth to continuously optimize clinical results and improve the patient journey. Streamlined practices that have been proven to work in drug turnaround times align with our patient-centered approach, ”says Dea Belazi, President and CEO, AscellaHealth.

With this partnership, Banjo Health will provide its complete PA management solution, PA Harmony, in addition to its three modular solutions from Virtuoso AI, Concerto Suite and Composer to AscellaHealth. Composer is a recently released solution that automatically generates decision trees directly from clinical guidelines from drug and therapy committees and medical review committees. AscellaHealth and Banjo Health will work in unison to improve the existing PA architecture to improve patient and provider satisfaction.

“As a growing company, we are very excited to announce this partnership with AscellaHealth and to create a path to grow and improve together in the specialty services market,” said Saar Mahna, Founder and CEO of Banjo Health.

About Banjo Health
Banjo Health is a provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions that improves existing practices through artificial intelligence (AI) with a focus on simplifying the complexities of prior authorization. Solution offers, PA Harmony, Virtuoso AI, and Concerto Suite use AI and cloud-based technologies to meet all compliance regulations across all industries to deliver an accurate, streamlined, and transparent PA process.

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About AscellaHealth LLC
AscellaHealth is a global pharmacy and specialty healthcare services organization serving payers, providers, life sciences and patients, offering a comprehensive portfolio of personalized, technology-based specialty pharmacy and medical management services. . AscellaHealth’s unique patient-centric approach is based on proprietary technological processes for innovative programs and services that optimize health outcomes and quality of life for patients with complex chronic diseases or rare diseases requiring specialized drugs and / or gene and cell therapies. Visit

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