Big Rapids’ “Roaming” Veterinary Tech Brings Client Care Out of the Office


BIG RAPIDS – Finding pet care can often be a challenge for some, and a Big Rapids Veterinary Technician helps bring grooming and other services to customers outside of a veterinarian’s office.

Tiffany Maczynski has worked as a veterinary technician since her studies at Baker College.

She worked at the Pet Hospital & Pet Motel on Rose Avenue before her primary physician retired.

With enough experience under his belt, Maczynski set out to start the small business The Roaming Vet Tech Dog Walking and Pet Care.

She said she was aiming to provide care for pet owners who may not be able to travel or afford a visit to the doctor.

“It became this need that everyone had,” Maczynski said. “Especially people who need someone to drive to their house, like the elderly and the disabled without a car, or the dog has car sickness or something. I can come to see them and render certain services and that greatly facilitates their task.

Business services include sanitary pads, matted cat grooming, some recovery medications, scheduled walks, and home visits.

With a passion for animals that rivals few, Maczynski has cared for a wide range of animals including horses, birds, turtles, lizards, snakes, frogs, chinchillas, goats and of course cats and dogs.

Maczynski said she was happy to comfort any animal and any owner.

“I love animals in general, but just knowing that owners know I can help make their lives easier is great,” Maczynski said. “I can even teach them to do certain things or things that they weren’t sure about, I’m totally open to doing those things. I like to help them when they really need it.

In the future, she hopes to add services including additional rehab resources for recovery, as well as laser therapy and massage therapy for joint pain and inflammation in older dogs.

Maczynski hopes to one day own a wildlife rehabilitation, where she can expand the care she is able to provide to more animals.

She said quality care for older animals is neglected and worth addressing.

“I’ve been doing roving vet tech stuff, but I have an account on to visit pets while people are away,” Maczynski said. “A lot of people can’t get into boarding school either, and we only have a limited number of boarding schools. Or they didn’t get shots in time, and they’re kind of in a last minute situation. There are people who might have an older dog that needs walking and they can’t really walk it themselves, so I do a bit of everything.

Maczynski’s expertise with exotic species can also be helpful in identifying potential issues with pets other than dogs and cats, on which she also has extensive medical knowledge.

She also engages in volunteerism and gives back to the community outside of her job as a vet tech.

A mother herself, Maczynski’s two young daughters often enjoy hearing about her work.

“I have a three-year-old who just loves picking up cats and carrying them around and stuff,” Maczynski said. “It’s a bit excessive, but I can see her helping me with work in the future because of it.”

The Roaming Vet Tech Dog Walking and Pet Care business provides services to residents outside of Mecosta County, and Maczynski is willing to travel to surrounding areas to provide care for clients.

For more information about Maczynski and its services, see the company’s Facebook page at


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