Catch Appoints Jason Bagg as Chief Marketing Officer


Jason Bagg will take the lead of the Marketing team, expanding his current role as Commercial Director at eTailer, which he took over in early 2020.

He will lead the marketing team while continuing to deal with customer strategy and loyalty programs.

His new role, Marketing and Sales Director, is newly created and reflects Catch’s values ​​of working cross-functionally to leverage best practice policies.

“The new meeting will allow Catch to form an end-to-end view of the customer journey, with teams working together to further strengthen Catch’s customer focus and deliver the best possible experience for Catch customers,” Catch said. in a press release.

Bagg’s appointment comes as Catch redoubles its efforts in its brand-building marketing strategy, which began with the “Everyday Aussies” campaign last year.

Bagg’s appointment and Catch’s strategy are so aligned that Bagg’s appointment coincided with the launch of a new series of “Everyday Aussies” TV commercials.

“I joined Catch in early 2020, and it has been a fantastic experience watching the brand grow and develop over the past year and a half,” Bagg said of his promotion.

“I look forward to doubling our commitment to our customers, investing in the Catch brand, and leveraging data and analytics to create a world-class online shopping experience for all Australians,” he said. he declares.

Bagg brings investment and strategic advisory experience to his post, having worked for Macquarie Bank and Uber Australia.

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