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Pomegranates have always had the beautiful meaning of multi-child and multi-blessing in China, but due to their inconvenience to eat, fresh pomegranates have always been a niche fruit category. In recent years, with the advent of soft pomegranates, fresh pomegranates have shown an upward trend in both overall cultivation and sales.

In early August of this year, Dole teamed up with distribution partner Sam’s Club to kick off the 2022 pomegranate season with the patented soft-seed pomegranate variety, Angel Red.

The market potential for fresh pomegranates is huge
Known as a “superfruit”, the pomegranate is rich in nutrients and anthocyanins, so it is popular with consumers. With many internationally renowned skin care brands using pomegranate extract as one of the main raw materials, the concept of pomegranate as a consumable “skin care product” has been accepted by most women who love beauty.

Many tea brands launch limited pomegranate drinks during pomegranate season. The emergence of soft-seed pomegranates greatly improved the edibility of fresh pomegranates—easy to peel, without spitting out the seeds—so that pomegranates, which were originally not a widely accepted category, gained recognition.

pomegranate orchard with soft seeds

Dole’s tender pomegranates continue to innovate
Ever since Dole started selling soft pomegranates in 2016, finding a differentiator from the market norm has been a major strategy. At that time, most soft pomegranates on the market were mainly Tunisian varieties, and Dole chose the Red Ruyi varieties which were not very productive at the time.

Red Ruyi is a soft-seed pomegranate variety cultivated and developed by the Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences for many years. It is red all over which, for Chinese consumers who love the beautiful meaning of pomegranates, not only makes it attractive, but also more festive.

This year, Dole has developed a new patented variety, Angel Red. Angel Red is a patented variety from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with a high hanging rate, whole grain and long shelf life. Different from Red Ruyi, Angel Red is bright red from its first fruiting period, and the fruit is brighter and more attractive.

Dole chose Yunnan, where there is enough sunshine, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the pomegranate orchard is located at more than 1500 meters above sea level, the three-dimensional environmental and climatic conditions made the charm of Dole tender seed pomegranate – high sweetness, soft seed and good appearance.

Patented variety Angel Red

Join Sam in kicking off pomegranate sales season
The patented Angel Red variety will be sold exclusively at Sam’s Club, and Sam’s members will be able to taste the Angel Red tender pomegranate that integrates appearance, taste and nutrition right the first time.

Since the cooperation between the two parties, Dole Tender Pomegranate has been the best-selling product of Sam’s Club seasonal fruits, and has been recognized by Sam’s members for many years, with outstanding sales performance. To coincide with pomegranate season, Sam’s Club will also vigorously promote Dole Tender Pomegranates in stores, member magazines, social media and other channels, and the two parties will work together to showcase products excellent quality to more consumers.

Dole continues to develop products that meet the needs of today’s consumers and facilitate the consumption scenario. It is reported that this time, Sam’s Club will also launch Dole Fresh Pomegranate Cup. Consumers can avoid the pomegranate peeling operation, directly open to taste and feel the tender pomegranate seeds in the mouth bursting with juice.

Gift box Dole soft seed pomegranate Sam’s special

display in store

Mid-Autumn Festival Fruity fragrance
Pomegranate season coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is a good choice for visiting relatives and friends. Dole has also created a Mid-Autumn Festival gift box more suited to seasonal gifts and is also equipped with gift vouchers for corporate groups. Consumers can make an appointment online, and the gift box is delivered directly to their home, which is convenient and quick.

Dole Pomegranate Mid-Autumn Gift Set

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