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We only have one week left before the start of our bootcamp at TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing & Fundraising. This is your chance to learn everything you need to know about fundraising, growth marketing, branding, pitch deck development and more. And we called on the brightest minds in startups to share their hard-earned wisdom.

It’s not too late to keep some cheddar cheese in your wallet – buy your pass before July 7 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT) to save $ 100 on what you pay at the virtual gate.

Here’s why one of your contemporaries, Katia Paramonova, Founder and CEO of Centrly, says you should consider attending TC Early Stage 2021.

“Early Stage 2020 provided a rich bootcamp experience with leading founders, VCs and experts from the startup community. If you are starting to build a startup, this is an effective way to advance your knowledge on key startup topics.

Let’s take a look at some of the topics we have for you at ES 2021. You can find the full list in the event diary, and you can also get 411 on our speaker list.

Pro tip: Your pass includes both live streaming and video on demand, so you can watch – or replay – any session after the conference ends.

Growth Hacking, Product Adjustment and Pricing: Superhuman’s Rahul Vohra shares strategies for early stage founders on topics like hacking your way to product market fit, increasing user signups without breaking the bank on paid ads and identification of the price of your product.

How to determine your won media strategy: Rebecca Reeve Henderson, an expert in enterprise SaaS communication, will share her perspective on how to create an effective won media strategy for your startup by building on her deep expertise in developing effective communication programs for some of the largest business software companies in the world. Acquired media, which is the kind of exposure you get from a TechCrunch article, is a key part of any startup’s marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the hardest things. to success. Rebecca has worked with companies ranging from Slack to Shopify, Zapier to Canva and many more, helping to build effective won media strategies in one of the most difficult areas of all: B2B SaaS.

How to navigate the ever-changing world of early stage VA: With over 25 personal investments, Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList Venture, knows a thing or two about early stage fundraising. At Early Stage, Kohli will explain the landscape of the early stage fundraising market and how to capitalize on the changes in the venture capital world over the past year.

Don’t miss these awesome breakout sessions and even more awesome launch action scheduled for day two.

TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing & Fundraising will take place July 8-9. You still have one week to purchase your pass and take this opportunity to build a stronger startup. Plus, if you register before July 6, you can get two tickets for the price of one during our July 4 sale! Do not miss!


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