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Multi-pack solutions, which moved into a new building just before the COVID-19 pandemic took off in the United States, plans to spend an additional $ 10 million to add 75,000 more square feet to its facilities in the United States. SC Technology and Aviation Center.

The investment will increase capacity and create more jobs, although the company has not specified how many jobs.

Governor Henry McMaster stopped by Multi-Pack Solutions’ Greenville headquarters this week to provide an update on the processes and products manufactured and shipped by the manufacturer under medical contract.

The company moved into the $ 16.3 million, 125,000 square meter facility at SC TAC in December 2019.

“We are a solutions-driven organization with more than 350 employees and proud to be part of the supply chain producing a broad range of products for the pharmaceutical, personal care and consumer markets,” said John Niemi, President and CEO. in a press release. “At the height of the pandemic, Multi-Pack quickly ramped up manufacturing for a multitude of products that have supported recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, we’re expanding our product lines to include life-saving emergency response products that can treat trauma, aid in surgeries, and improve patient outcomes. These products will be used by the military and first responders.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Multi-Pack has manufactured hard surface disinfectant wipes with a three minute and one minute lifespan used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and by first responders. ; first line of defense products for over-the-counter medical and consumer applications; and single dose hand sanitizer wipes for the travel industry.

Multi-Pack is also a packager and manufacturer of some of the most recognized brands in the consumer, over-the-counter, medical, pharmaceutical, prescription and personal care markets.

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