Walmart to host Twitter’s first purchasable livestream in quest of conquering social commerce


Dive brief:

  • Walmart will host the first purchasable livestream on Twitter as the retailer expands efforts to link social content to commerce for the holidays, according to a blog post by US Marketing Director William White.
  • On November 28 at 7 p.m. EST, the brand will air a half-hour variety show directed by Jason Derulo and filmed at the musician’s home in Los Angeles. Scheduled for Cyber ​​Week, the festive program promotes product offerings in electronics, housewares, clothing and seasonal decor and will feature surprise guests.
  • In the ad, White said Twitter consistently produced high returns for Walmart content that landed at the top and middle of the sales funnel. The Cyber ​​Week livestream will also be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, with a dedicated Walmart Live web page, because tactics become a pillar of Walmart’s marketing strategy.

Dive overview:

Walmart is diversifying its bets around live streaming and shopping with a Cyber ​​Week special that spans multiple platforms and marks the first time a brand has performed such an activation on Twitter in the United States. the 2020 holiday season with a TikTok Purchase Event and has repeatedly reiterated the concept as pandemic-induced consumption patterns persist even as in-store activity begins to pick up.

“We believe the future of retail lies in social commerce, which is why we focus on innovation in the space as we continue to provide our customers with ways to live better – than this. Whether online or in-store, the future of holiday shopping remains bright at Walmart, ”CMO White wrote in the blog post.

Since its first TikTok experience last December, Walmart has produced 15 live shopping events across five platforms and has partnered with more than 20 creators on those efforts. It was the first brand to take advantage of live commerce capabilities on TikTok, YouTube, and now Twitter. The Cyber ​​Week game on Twitter will display a Shoppable banner and Shop tab on the event page so users can browse without missing out on the content. They can also access Walmart’s website through an in-app browser to make a purchase without leaving the salon.

The news serves as a first test of whether Twitter – which doesn’t have as strong an interest in the video space as its rivals – can convert its focus on real-time cultural chats into a business engine. Social media apps have dramatically increased their buying bets as they face major headwinds for their traditional advertising business and respond to the accelerated adoption of e-commerce amid the pandemic. Twitter started piloting a Shop module tab with selected brands earlier this year and will make it available to more U.S. merchants in the coming weeks, according to a blog post. He’s also working on new ways to onboard merchants and help them manage their catalogs through a Twitter Shopping Manager tool.

Seeking a leading edge in social commerce could differentiate Walmart, as the retail category targets the next generation of consumers – digital natives who are easily familiar with social media and more comfortable making purchases. via devices such as smartphones. Young cohorts also tend to trust creators more and influencers when making purchasing decisions.

A celebrity-led live broadcast activation is another signal that retailers are devoting more marketing resources to Cyber ​​Monday and the accompanying Cyber ​​Week window, as consumer interest in the offers holidays and discounts extend beyond the Black Friday rush on physical stores. The Derulo variety show is just one part of Walmart’s playbook around the 2021 holidays. The company has announced plans to host more than 30 live broadcast events throughout the season with partners such as BuyWith, BuzzFeed, IGN, TalkShopLive, and Tasty.

The ambitious schedule suggests that Walmart is confident it can meet vacation demand amid an intense supply chain crisis, a factor that has led others in the industry to retire on their business activity in the fourth quarter.


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