Zib Digital explains the importance of adapting digital marketing strategies to align with post-pandemic consumer behaviors


The pandemic has triggered a fundamental and possibly permanent change in the way consumers spend time online. Marketers need to adapt their digital marketing strategies to reflect these changes.

Zib Digital NZ

Zib Digital NZ

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Principal digital marketing agency in new zealand, Zib Digital, as the pandemic subsides, hybrid working has become the norm and the lines between “work life” and “personal life” activities have blurred. The mix of work and personal life has changed consumer behaviors, and marketers must adapt to this new reality or risk missing out on their audience.

As the leading SEO company points out, businesses need to re-evaluate their platforms, buyer personas, and budget allocations. Running on marketing autopilot will no longer suffice, with research revealing consumers are spending more time online than ever before and regularly use their work tools for personal tasks. The study identified that most people spend time during the workday researching high-consideration purchases such as financial products, vacations, appliances, and luxury goods.

A generic approach, lacking empathy and compassion, is no longer enough, advises Zib Digital. People are better at identifying when a brand is genuine and genuine and an overly “commercial” approach will drive potential customers away. People are now looking for more personalized experiences from brands that target their specific needs.

Marketers who adapt their strategies to reflect changes in consumer behavior will have a competitive advantage, says Zib Digital. Understanding the customer’s mindset and behaviors during their buying journey are crucial elements of a successful marketing strategy. Focusing on the customer journey is essential because people are more likely to become loyal customers if they have a good experience communicating with a brand and can potentially become a brand spokesperson. Investing in a multi-channel strategy will improve the overall customer experience, provided branding and messaging is consistent across all platforms.

Staying nimble when it comes to digital marketing in New Zealand will help businesses stay ahead of the competition. To discuss strategies with digital marketing leaders and NZ SEO Agencywide, contact Zib Digital today.

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